The WORST HAIRSTYLE of All Time !! (Men’s Hairstyle Don’ts)

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– Today we’re searching for THE WORST HAIRSTYLE OF ALL TIME
– 5 Reasons You Don’t Like Your Hairstyle:

Why u gotz dat ugli harez 4?


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  1. joe is the type of maan who applies his calivier clay by blumaan before going to the shower

  2. NooDl3 Face says:

    I told my barber to give me a 2 and she gave me a 1 and now its fucked up

  3. Captain Ron says:

    you were great in Orange is the New Black…

  4. Vamo a says:

    Joeeee!! Add subtitles please maaan :c

  5. hey Joe I wanted to know can you use Cavalier Clay By BluMaan as a prestyler?

  6. julian valle says:

    this is so funny

  7. Aakash D says:

    I am definitely subscribing! Can you do a video about how to grow your hair faster?

  8. Snake eye says:

    why does joe looks freaking different

  9. BluMaan the type of guy to smile for a shadow picture… ur great I'm jk I love ur vids

  10. Nathan Brown says:

    Can someone recommend me a hair clay that is water soluble, high hold, matte finish, and cheap. Any help is appreciated

  11. Do make a video with haircut and styling your hair completely oposite like my natural flow is from right to left but there are some good hairstyles in other direction left to right , and how much length should be maintained for that , and what category of wax to use.!

  12. Tengku Juin says:

    you hair is shit,i like it

  13. Hey Joe, could you make a King Arthur inspired haircut?
    The one from the new movie King Arthur Legend of the Sword in case you're wondering.

  14. Dave Dunne says:

    joe get the hair cut. looking like a lesbian right now.

  15. Do a review on old spice spiffy pomade

  16. Czosnekkable says:

    Hey. Where I can find pictures of hairstyle like you have already Or what should I type in the browser?

  17. crazy mee!!! says:

    I am new to youtube can we subscribe each others channel. gys

  18. Bai Jrav says:

    Any reviews on the cavalier clay and is it lighter than HDF Claymation? (because claymation is too heavy for my thin hair)

  19. are you on Instagram?

  20. Mateen Taj says:

    How long is your hair?

  21. Honestly I just like to watch him because I think he is cute. ♥

  22. Kash Kash says:

    can you do wet hairstyles???! and products to use to make your hair have that wet look

  23. Conduitt says:

    when did the clay cavalier come out? I ordered two about a week and a bit ago. still isn't here yet :/ maybe amazon prime has spoiled me idk

  24. Baz B says:

    That was a life goal completed to get featured in a BluMaan video…

  25. Shwan Latif says:

    you look like that guy from back to future

  26. Ken Karl says:

    you are hot!!!

  27. Linus G says:

    what camera do you use? Cuz that autofocus is on pointtttttt

  28. Ger Rot says:

    Pewdiepie want to be

  29. Keep that intro
    But change the MS paint name pewpewpie to blumaan

  30. Lit Boat says:

    i was like
     wait did i just clicked on a pewdiepie video?

  31. please do "a day in the life of blumaan"

  32. Darth Vader says:

    Joe,which one do you prefer oil based or water based pomade?

  33. Aqil Frhn says:

    You should start vlog. It will be funny

  34. When is fifth sample going to b available again ???

  35. Nice desk setup.

  36. dacky_mirin says:

    can you please do edgar ramirez haircut tutorial from movie point break.

  37. not nashiu says:

    this video probably gonna get taken down because of the ksi lambo song

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