Theatre Makeup 101: Foundation, Shadow & Highlight

Products used:
Mehron Celebre Foundation in-
Mid Light Olive (base color) elf Small Stipple Brush
Soft Peach (highlight color) Soho Beauty Sponge
Light Tan (bronzing color) elf Small Stipple Brush and Mehron detail brush
Medium Male (contour color) Mehron detail brush & Soho beauty sponge
Ben Nye Cameo Powder (Real Techniques Setting Brush)
Mehron Color Set Powder (Real Techniques Buffing Brush)
Mehron Cheek Powder in Contour (Real Techniques Contour Brush & Sigma E40)
Mehron Cheek Powder in Rose Wood (Real Techniques Blush Brush)

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Camera: Nikon Cool Pix S4100
Video Editor: Windows Live Movie Maker


  1. lelechim says:

    You and I look like we might be the same color.  I was gonna try a sample of the Light Olive, which may be accurate since the Mid-Light Olive is a bit darker than your skin color.

  2. OMG this is the sweetest comment ever! I tried to be thorough 🙂 I hope my next video doesn't disappoint 😉 Isn't Holly the best?

  3. hope2nou95 says:

    I subbed best contour video and I've seen a ton.You were do detailed.Looking forward to your next video.I found you through Holly.

  4. Me too! I'm usually the lightest or the second lightest shade. It's hard finding foundations that are light enough for me and have yellow undertones. I hope you love them let me know! I hate when I order something offline and then get disappoint by the actual shade of the product

  5. Lucy Plata says:

    I always suck at matching when I purchase online…..I'm about to order 2 colors in ben nye contour shadow cremes and 2 colors of cream highlight because knowing me I will probably get the wrong color the first time :/

  6. You've sold me on them lol. That foundation does sound fabulous. I am just now getting in to trying out different foundations. It's just so hard to find a good match for me

  7. Lucy Plata says:

    Like all ben nye products the quality is great and super pigmented, blends well and you can apply lightly or heavily!! I really wanna try that foundation that my ex sis in law has but I'm waiting to finish some foundations I already have lol

  8. You definitely would get a lot of use out of the kit for sure! The kit was $65 including tax and it is called the Mehron Celebre Professional Kit. Ooh you know how much I love blush lol What did you think of the quality? Smudgeproof makeup would be fabulous. I'm always afraid of getting my makeup on my boyfriend's shirt lol

  9. Sophie Burk says:

    Could you do a video on a few basic braids? Like fishtail and french?

  10. Lucy Plata says:

    And she says its literally waterproof/smudgeproof!!

  11. Lucy Plata says:

    Awesome I have someone to practice zombie looks on so the products wouldn't go to waste…my husband always wants me to buy the stuff to do those type of costumey things lol how much was the kit?! Or do you know what its called?!

    And yes I have tried their powder blushes and cream blushes I played a round with my friends kit once, I really want the contour shadow cream and highlight cream from ben nye my ex sister in law has the ben nye cake foundation that you activate with this liquiset

  12. This kit also comes with some eye creams, liquid latex, blood, texture sponges, hair white and all kinds of stuff. It's a good value. I'm glad that I enjoy the makeup so I can even use it after this class is done. Have you tried any other Ben Nye products? I only have the Cameo powder and Final Seal setting spray. There is actually a store in my school town that I would love to explore and try some more theater makeup especially the powder products because the ones I have are crazy pigmented!

  13. Lucy Plata says:

    I would love to look into purchasing this kit!! I have a costume store near me that sells ben nye products individually which is where I buy my banana powder and my cake liner which I LOVE 😀 but this kit has it all to start off!!

  14. Hahaha that makes me feel better. I really like working with these creme foundations. They blend really well and you don't need a lot. I can definitely imagine how this would break people out :/ I was so impressed by how pigmented the blush and contour were. I definitely would love to try more.

  15. #1 rule with stage makeup: If you look normal at a distance any less that 20 feet, you're doing it wrong. 😛
    I definitely prefer using cream EVERYTHING when it comes to the basic face, but my skin doesn't haha. I may have to look into the powder products you mentioned if I ever get back into theater.

  16. Woo hoo I was hoping it wouldn't look too crazy. Thank you so much 🙂

  17. Thank you so much Kallie 🙂 I hope I don't disappoint 😉

  18. also, on camera, your skin looks stunning at the end, you did a lovely job 🙂

  19. wow, what a cool/unique video! I can't wait for more!

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