Toddler Hair 101

I am so sorry the video was so late today. I am probably more frustrated than you 🙂

My Haircut Video:

Products used:
Purology Shampoo and Conditioner (only because thats what I use)
Paul Mitchel Skinny Serum
Argon Oil
Tangle Teaser hair brush

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  1. Nikki Jack says:

    Olivia how are you are you 7 or 9 because like it's like I really love your hair and everything but girl you suck you suck you suck you suck you suck you suck you so cute so cute you are so cute and tell the boys I said hi and Olivia hi I'm and I just want your mom and your dad to know I wanted to say that just to tell you that I like you are the cutest well kids that I bet you your mom and dad ever ever ever ever real life who wouldn't love you your whole family does kids so much it's Anna me Anna Lil your favorite famous YouTuber like I give you a lot of questions

  2. Please do a update video of this … including the products you use … i love how heathy her hair looks .. thank you

  3. bob tischler says:

    this is so boring

  4. bob tischler says:

    it's 2017 how old is she

  5. i would love to see an updated version of this if you use anything different.

  6. I have a sensitive head as well

  7. Olivia is so CUTE

  8. my name is Olivia to and I love your videos also I love Olivia's new room

  9. Ashlyn Tate says:

    did she not have on a shirt ? sorry but this is what I think next time put a shirt or something on her plz that is my opinion but ok

  10. can you do an updated one please

  11. Sarah Retson says:

    could you put some more of hair styling hair

  12. Jemma Mills says:

    Spot the difference

  13. She's not a toddler she was like 5 at this time

  14. just warning you a tangle teeser does NOT work very well. I will recommend not to get it

  15. i have a sensitive head to

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